The SAXS-lab is equipped with 3 SAXS-cameras (SAXSess, Anton Paar, Graz), one of which can also be used for GISAXS. The lab is also integrated in the central-european infrastructure network CERIC (see technical details). More information and details of the SAXS method can be found in the following webpage.



Specifications (Instrument Details)

Handout for TC-II-lab-course 2014/2015:  TC-II-lab.pdf (in english)

Guideline for switching the X-ray generator on/off  generator.pdf  (in german)


Location of the lab

Room NT-EG250, ground-floor (XRD-room), Stremayrgasse

Person responsible:

Manfred Kriechbaum

room: C4 Z4-024

Tel: 873-32145

e-mail: manfred.kriechbaum@tugraz.at