Proposals of experiments via CERIC infrastructure 


Why make use of CERIC?

Write one application for experiments on multiple first-class scientific instruments instead of many, one for each instrument. Instead of dealing with nuances of several institution-specific application systems, deal with only one. You can focus on what matters.

Create and submit your applications here: VUO

The administration of experiment proposals is currently provided by the synchrotron Elettra, which is why you need to register in the Virtual Unified Office (VUO) first. After logging in, use a link in the section Ceric submission proposals to create your proposal of experiments for the needed instruments at all consortium partner laboratories.

The experimental time of our laboratories and instruments is given out free of charge - we are Open Access facility. The official text of the application and the respective deadlines for the current Call can be found at this link

CERIC connects and integrates multidisciplinary instruments and multi-probe techniques based on the use of electrons, neutrons and photons, for the analysis and synthesis of materials and biomaterials at the nano-scale. Through one single open access point, via CERIC, scientific users can apply for the use of the available techniques and for technical support. A peer review evaluation system guarantees a competitive free access solely based on excellence and scientific publication. This new innovative service is also open to commercial users at market-based conditions. You will find links to detailed information on the individual instruments on pages of the call. The present call offers :

  • synchrotron beam line laboratories in Trieste
  • the XPD a FESEM instruments of the surface physics laboratory of Charles University in Prague
  • instruments of the Light Scattering Laboratory at the Graz University of Technology
  • instrumentation of the Slovenian NMR centre in Ljubljana
  • instruments of ESR a HRTEM laboratories in Mägurele
  • neutron probe laboratories at the nuclear reactor in Budapest
  • ion accelerator laboratories in Zagreb

Make sure to discuss your experimental plans with scientists in charge of each needed instrument - detailed technical plans of the experiments are essential in the evaluation of your proposal!